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  • Personalized Gifts for Groom from Bride

    February 09, 2024 4 min read

    Personalized Gifts for Groom from Bride

    Gift exchanges between bride and groom are a well-known and beloved tradition. We think it’s a tradition worth preserving! It’s not only a great opportunity to show each other you care, it’s a chance to choose a gift that may become a treasured memento of your wedding day.

    It can be hard to choose a gift for your groom that’s going to be cherished. We recommend personalized gifts for groom from bride whenever possible - personalized gifts have a better chance of pulling heart strings. (Awww…) and creating memories. 

    “The custom cuff links I ordered as a wedding gift for my husband turned out PERFECTLY! They look amazing, and I think it will be special to him that they have my handwriting on there!” —Liz M.

    Once you have your wedding date selected, the clock is ticking! Buying gifts for groom and the wedding party is just one of a zillion items on your to-do list. Love, Georgie can help you select a perfect gift for your groom, and we have gift ideas for everyone else involved in your special day, too. Read on for some great advice on personalized gifts for groom from bride! 🎁

    When does the bride give the groom a gift?

    The bride and groom gift exchange typically happens on the morning of the big day, before they’re dressed up for the ceremony. If they are trying not to see each other on the wedding day until she walks down the aisle, the gift exchange might instead take place the night before the wedding, when they get a last “unmarried” private moment together (we hope it’s somewhere romantic, like under a beautiful summer night sky). The bride and groom could also exchange gifts after their engagement, at a combined bachelor/bachelorette party, or at their rehearsal dinner. And of course, they also give each other a first anniversary gift! If you’re planning your wedding events, we encourage you to include a private moment for bride and groom to hug, talk, and remind each other how excited you are about the wedding. Bring a gift! 

    How can I surprise my husband on our wedding day? 🤫

    If you’re planning to give the groom a wedding day gift and you want to make it a surprise, you’ll have several good opportunities. You can give it to him in the morning during a private moment. You can give the groom a gift right after he’s had that “first look at the dress.” You could even present him with a groom gift at the wedding reception. Ask the wedding band to play a special song to set that moment apart! 🎶 

    Whenever you plan to do it, gift giving between bride and groom makes a great wedding photo, so be sure to let your photographer know what you’re planning. 👰🏻🤵🏻

    What should a bride give her groom?

    You’ve probably heard of some traditional gift ideas like giving the groom a wristwatch or an engraved pocket watch. Those are always solid choices. More affordable yet still traditional choices are cufflinkscollar stays, or a tie clip (all things he can wear at the wedding). There’s a trend toward giving utilitarian gifts he can use for years, like flaskskeychainsbottle openers, or even golf ball markers. A useful gift may not sound  sentimental enough for the occasion, but it can be if you have it engraved with something personal. We’ll show you what we mean…

    Our favorite personalized gifts for groom from bride

    Gifts the groom can wear

    If the groom is wearing a tuxedo for the wedding, he’ll need cufflinks. You can give him a beautiful pair of stainless steel cufflinks engraved with your own handwriting. Keep the message short and sweet - he’ll want to wear these every time he puts on a tux!

    That’s one of the most popular options, but we have many other engraving styles for groom cufflinks. Popular engravings for groom cufflinks  include “I choose you today and always,” “it was always you,” “love, laughter…and happily ever after,” and “simply the best.” As you can see in the photo below, any of these can be personalized with initials, or names, or a wedding date, and they come in four different metal finishes. No wonder they are our top selling groom gifts!

    Collar stays for the groom will keep his collar looking crisp and neat on the wedding day – and if they’re made of something durable like stainless steel, they’ll last a lifetime. Engrave them with something sentimental like “always” and “forever” and he’ll use those collar stays the rest of his life..

    Tie Clips for the groom are highly visible on the wedding day, and a great place to display some love. You can personalize it with your names, or with the latitude and longitude of your wedding or your first date.  Engrave a tie clip with your own words or even your own handwriting to make it truly unique. 

    (By the way, we also make some great tie clips for the groomsmen!)

    Gifts the groom can use

    Bottle openers make brilliant groom gifts! If you give him a personalized bottle opener he  will use it All. The. Time. SRSLY. We can also recommend personalized flasks for your groom, especially if you add your own handwriting to a flask

    A custom engraved keychain makes a trendy yet affordable gift for the groom. Engrave it with your own words, or get a his and hers keychain set to make it extra special. It can be a little less sentimental, so we think this one makes a great first anniversary gift, especially if you’ve just purchased a first home together!

    For the groom who thinks golf is life, a small but sweet groom gift is a custom engraved golf ball marker. We have so many ideas for this one! 


    We hope we’ve showed you there are many great options for personalized gifts for the groom from the bride! Love, Georgie Wedding specializes in on-trend-but-traditional personalized gifts for the wedding party as well as personalized wedding gifts for couples. Be sure to visit our blog for more gift ideas and guidance on choosing gifts for every member of your wedding party! 🥰

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