Custom Engraved Dog Tags

July 25, 2023 3 min read

Custom Engraved Dog Tags

Custom Engraved Dog Tags

Dog tag jewelry is a classic piece of men’s jewelry. These days, women are wearing them too.

Take this classic to the next level by getting dog tag jewelry custom engraved and personalized with anything you’d like! A custom personalized stainless-steel dog tag necklace is a durable and special gift they will appreciate for years to come!

Personalized Dog Tag Necklaces

You can personalize your stainless steel dog tag necklace with a variety of engravings. Want something truly special? Get your custom dog tag jewelry engraved with a loved one’s unique handwriting. Hold a special location in your heart? Get your dog tag pendant engraved with the latitude & longitude of your favorite spot. Have a special custom message you’d like to engrave? You can do that! Design your own dog tag necklace and write in any phrase you want.

The opportunities to create a truly special piece of jewelry that will bring joy for years are endless. Our customizable dog tag chain necklaces come complete with a bead chain, which comes in different lengths for further customization.

Custom Handwriting Dog Tag Necklaces

Nothing is more special than someone’s unique handwriting. Just like our fingerprints, nobody’s handwriting is like anyone else’s. You can create a custom stainless steel dog tag with your loved one’s handwriting engraved into it. Perfect for a parent or spouse − give the gift of memorializing a loved one’s special handwriting onto a dog tag.

Custom Latitude & Longitude Dog Tag Necklaces

Far away from your loved ones? Create a custom dog tag pendant with the latitude and longitude of somewhere you both find special. You can get custom dog tag jewelry engraved with any location you’d like: the place you met, a childhood home, the location of your wedding… the options are endless!

Perfect for family or friends who live far away; remind them they are always thought of at home with the gift of a customized military dog tag necklace.

Design Your Own Dog Tag Necklace

Sometimes, when you truly love someone, it can feel like you both speak a private language. How special is that? Celebrate your special love for each other by engraving any custom phrase onto a stainless-steel dog tag.

Your loved ones will enjoy the special phrase and all the meaning it carries. Memorialize your love forever on a piece of engraved jewelry. They will be sure to keep a gift this special close to their heart!

Military Deployment Gift

Have a loved one who will be leaving to serve your country? To show them your appreciation for their sacrifice, gift them a customized dog tag that they can proudly wear on their journey.

With our “Always Under the Same Sky” dog tag, you can customize it by getting your initials engraved. The sweet and meaningful message of always being under the same sky will remind them that you are awaiting their return from deployment. You can also engrave the back with a custom message for further personalization! Our customized dog tags feature a beaded chain, which stands out from the typical silver or gold chain necklaces.

Best of all, you can get a matching dog tag necklace for yourself!

Custom Dog Tags Are a Perfect Gift

Custom dog tag jewelry engraved with your own personalized phrase or handwriting is a memorable gift for anyone. A dog tag is a durable gift for that special coach in your child’s life who has a sporty style − skip the traditional jewelry and buy a custom dog tag that will complement their athletic lifestyle.

Show Them You Care with a Custom Dog Tag Necklace

Our custom dog tag jewelry engraved and personalized with your design is a great way to show someone you care. A dog tag is a significant piece of jewelry for many people and is often seen as a badge of honor. Customizing this pendant only adds to the special sentiment it holds. Your loved one can look down throughout their day and remember how appreciated they are!

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