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  • Gifts for Mother in Law from Bride

    February 09, 2024 6 min read

    Gifts for Mother in Law from Bride

    Personalized Gifts for Mother in Law from Bride

    When you’re a bride planning your wedding, it can seem like there’s an overwhelming amount of things to plan and do. Love, Georgie can help you manage everything gift-related on your wedding planning list. We know choosing gifts for everyone in your bridal party and family can be daunting.

    In this guide we’ll talk you through choosing a gift for your future mother in law! You might be wondering why you’d buy her a gift, when you’d do so, and what it should be. We’re here to help.

    Maybe your wedding is almost here and you’re writing up your gift list for the wedding party. Or maybe you’ve just returned from the honeymoon and you’re writing a list of people to thank - maybe with a gift - because they helped  your wedding day go so beautifully. 

    There are so many special moments around the big day, and so many special people who make that happen. As you write this list, we encourage you to put your parents and in-laws on the VIP list for wedding thank you gifts.

    Your parents are probably your biggest supporters. The father and mother of the bride very likely contributed monetarily to the wedding and reception, maybe even the honeymoon. Of course you’re gonna thank them!

    What about your future in-laws? Maybe they weren’t involved in the wedding planning. But didn’t they raise the man of your dreams? A little thank you gift for the father of the groom and mother of the groom would not go amiss! 💕 

    You and your groom might give these gifts together, but we know a lot of brides like to give gifts directly and individually to everyone. That’s where we come in! Depending on your relationship with her, gifts for mother in law from bride can be a tricky one. We’re here to make it easy.

    Does the bride get the mother in law a gift?

    Great question. Absolutely! It’s a terrific idea to include your future MIL when you’re choosing gifts for your wedding party! Gifts for the mother in law from the bride are a chance to strengthen that relationship and simultaneously express your love for the person she raised. A common inscription on a mother-in-law gift from the bride  is “thank you for raising the man of my dreams.” It’s a popular inscription because it says what most brides are thinking and it says what most mothers in law would love to hear. Giving her a gift before your wedding is a way to express how much you love the person you’re marrying, and how grateful you are that his mom did such a great job raising him.

    Need another reason to give your future MIL a gift? The truth is that some mother-in-law / daughter-in-law relationships can be challenging. If yours is giving you “those” vibes or you’re just now sure where you stand yet because you’ve met so recently, keep this in mind: loving him is something you and your future mother in law have in common! Lean into that mutual love and build from there. A small gift now might lead to a beautiful friendship between the two of you. You might be the lucky lady who gets the perfect guy – and an amazingly supportive extra mom, too! Winning!

    If you find talking to your future mother-in-law intimidating, experts say that sometimes a gift perfectly expresses what you have trouble saying with words. Just another great reason to find a unique gift for her.

    What should I get my mother in law for my wedding?

    It doesn’t have to be hard to find a special gift for the mother of the groom. Classic gift ideas include personalized jewelry or a keepsake box. Even a short but heartfelt note expressing excitement about your new relationship with her will warm your mother-in-law’s heart. We recommend choosing a personalized gift that might become a cherished keepsake. Personalized gifts demonstrate your thoughtfulness and can mean a great deal to the gift recipient.

    When should I give my future mother in law a gift?

    There are several occasions before the wedding when you might present gifts to the parents of the bride and groom. You could do this at a special meal you two have with his parents, or during some other occasion when you’ve brought both sets of parents together to meet each other. Maybe you’re all meeting for the first time at the rehearsal dinner! We think you can even give wedding thank you gifts to the parents on the wedding day. 

    When it comes to the gift for your future mother in law, we highly recommend taking a special moment for just the two of you to chat briefly. That’s the perfect time to slip her a gift and a hug. If you want to give her a photo gift, sending her a beautiful wedding photo asap after the wedding would be ideal. We’ve even heard of brides-to-be giving their future MIL mothers day gifts! Any of these occasions is really a perfect setting to give gifts for mother in law from bride. 🎁

    What are some good gifts for mother in law from bride?

    We hope that by now we’ve convinced you that gifts for mother in law from her future daughter in law are a very good thing. The right gift can express what’s in your heart and lay the foundation for a beautiful bond with your second mom. Love, Georgie loves making gift giving easy - and personal. That’s why we specialize in personalized gifts for everyone in your wedding party.  We also love helping you figure out what to engrave on your gifts. Here are some of our favorite ideas for personalized gifts for mother in law from bride.

    We really think this is a near perfect gift for your future mother in law: our pocket mirror engraved with “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.” We engrave it with a heart, your name, and even the wedding date, too. Our mother in law pocket mirror is useful, it’s a conversation piece, and she can enjoy it for years. FUN FACT: moms on both sides of the aisle cry at weddings. Give your groom’s mother this pocket mirror and a fancy handkerchief on the wedding morning and we’re certain you’ll score some new daughter points. 🥹🫶💯

    Two very traditional mother in law gifts are a handkerchief you present to her on the wedding morning, or a handwritten letter. If you’re giving her a thank you gift after the wedding, she’ll love a carefully curated photo album or a framed photo of the two of you. You can’t go wrong with either of those.

    Here at Love, Georgie we are big fans of personalized gifts, so we’re going to share a couple more of our own personalized gift ideas for your mother in law. 

    Maybe she deserves a little bling! ✨ We have two styles of Mother of the Groom bracelet that will fit almost any mother in law. Our stainless steel adjustable bangle Mother of the Groom bracelet includes an engraved charm. The adjustable slide Mother of the Groom bracelet comes in gold, rose gold, or silver finishes. You have the option to add your wedding date to both bracelet styles.

    But what if you’re not sure of your mother in law’s personal style yet? Skip the stress of second-guessing your style choices and opt to take the gifting outside. A custom engraved golf ball marker set is perfect for the mother in law (and father in law) who love to hit the links. You can make your engraved message as special and sentimental as you like because we can engrave it with your own words, or even with your own handwriting.

    A certain kind of mother in law will think you’re pretty cool if you give her a custom engraved flask. 🥂 Like the golf ball markers, these can also be engraved with a handwritten message or your own words. Sentimental AND useful? Bonus points. Both flask engraving styles can be sparkly and feminine, or you can choose the more traditional hip flask style.

    We hope your mind is full of great gift ideas for your future mother in law. This lady raised the man of your dreams., and you’ll probably be exchanging gifts with her for many years to come. Building a great relationship with her at the beginning is well worth your effort. 

    As you plan your wedding and the marriage that comes after it, we wish you every happiness! We love helping brides choose gifts and gift sets for the wedding party, so check out our shop and our other blog posts if you have more shopping to do! And you’re always welcome to send a note to if you have any questions about a custom gift!

    Love, Georgie

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