a pair of round stainless steel cufflinks in a flower-shaped coral colored dish. One cufflink is engraved "you are my person" and second cufflink is engraved "love, Jesse."
Custom Cufflinks

Always In Style

Personalized cufflinks are a classic gift. Check out our Cufflinks 101 article to learn more about this traditional men's accessory. Our personalized wedding cufflinks are always in demand, especially our father of the bride cufflinks.

They make an excellent gift for the groom from the bride. Most of our custom cufflinks styles are available in round or square format, and come in gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal finishes. You can also design your own custom cufflinks.

For more engraved gift ideas, visit our Custom Jewelry Gift Guide.

You Loved Him First
Father of the bride cufflinks

Treat the father of the bride to some bling for the wedding day. (Bring tissues.)

Get Creative
Design Your Own Cufflinks

Make this gift truly unique by designing your own set.

Make it personal

We'll engrave your own handwritten message! He's going to love these.

✨ Love For Cufflinks ✨


I absolutely love them! My dad cried when I gave them to him.

pair of round custom engraved rose gold cufflinks. first cufflink is engraved with
Melissa K.
Father of the Bride Cufflinks

Putting my handwriting on cufflinks as a gift for my groom on our wedding day was so special, and something he will cherish forever!

pair of square gunmetal colored cufflinks custom engraved with handwritten messages. first cufflink reads
Katy Y.
Custom Handwriting Cufflinks

The cuff links are going to be the perfect way to say I Love You for our 20 year anniversary!

pair of round rose gold custom engraved cufflinks engraved with handwriting.  the first cufflink is engraved
Meichele C.
Custom Handwriting Cufflinks

We ordered cufflinks for all the groomsmen, father of bride and father of groom. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift for half our wedding party! 

pair of square custom engraved stainless steel cufflinks. first cufflink is engraved with
Brittany N.
Father of the Bride Cufflinks

My husband was stoked.  [The cufflinks are] such a unique and usable Valentines Day gift!  Highly recommend!

a pair of round stainless steel cufflinks in a flower-shaped coral colored dish. One cufflink is engraved
Julie O.
Custom Handwriting Cufflinks
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      3 products


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      Love, Georgie specializes in personalized cufflinks engraved with meaningful messages, dates, names, etc. Our stainless steel cufflinks can have gold, rose gold, or gunmetal finish. Choose round or square shape for your custom cufflinks. Shop with Love, Georgie for this classic gift choice for men!