Your Questions About Dog Tag Necklaces, Answered

Your Questions About Dog Tag Necklaces, Answered

We offer a fun collection of custom engraved dog tag necklaces. Sometimes people ask us questions about the history of this form of jewelry, so here are some answers to those questions.

What's the history of dog tag necklaces?

  • Dog tag necklaces are associated with the armed forces. Armed forces personnel all wear these because they are important for identifying soldiers in the military if they are wounded or killed in action. 

  • In the US we started employing these necklaces during the Spanish-American War when a military chaplain noted that soldiers wearing identification were more likely to be sent home if killed in action. All soldiers were wearing them by World War I, and the number of unknown soldier fatalities has dropped ever since.

  • Dog tags are officially known as identification tags in the US Armed Forces, and an enlisted person usually carries two identical oval tags on a ball chain. 

  • All branches of the US Armed Forces use identification tags that include name, social security number, armed forces branch, blood group, and religion. 

  • Dog tags have been used in the military as far back as the Roman Empire and the Qing dynasty of China, though materials and manner of wearing them have changed. Modern versions are starting to include electronic components that can carry more information.
  • You can learn more about the history of dog tags here:

Authentic military issue dog tags - from Etsy

Why are dog tag necklaces popular now as jewelry for civilian men and women?

  • We can thank the fashion industry's decades of promoting military chic and the style-setting celebrities who helped that catch on.
  • These necklaces were also used for decades as medical ID. These list a person's medical conditions, allergies, and prescriptions, emergency contact, and so on.
example of medical ID dog tag necklace - from American Medical ID dot com

military chic fashion style - from Pinterest


Where can you buy dog tag necklaces?

Custom engraved handwriting on dog tag necklace by love georgie

Who wears dog tag necklaces?

  • Both men and women
  • Couples can wear matching or coordinating sets
  • Kids can wear them as a form of identification
  • Best friends can wear matching or coordinating sets of dog tags
  • Anyone with a medical condition can wear a dog tag with medical info on it

Can I get a dog tag necklace that looks more like jewelry?

Sure! We make some similar necklaces that feature a different pendant format and a finer chain. These also come in a variety of metals and finishes, and you can add charms to some of them.








What else can you make with dog tags?

What can you engrave on dog tag necklace jewelry?


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