What Your Handwriting Says About You

June 28, 2023 3 min read

What Your Handwriting Says About You

What is Handwriting Analysis?

Here at Love, Georgie, we engrave actual handwriting on jewelry. Our clients send us samples of their writing that we then engrave on our pieces, like this custom handwriting bracelet

Custom Handwriting Bracelet in yellow gold

This is one of our popular product lines, so as you can imagine, we see a LOT of handwriting samples!

We were talking about a particularly attractive example of that one day, and one of us remembered that there are specialists who analyze handwriting as a way to discover features of a person's personality. That sounded fascinating to the rest of us, and we decided to find out more about it.


Handwriting analysis – or graphology – is the study of what handwriting says about the writer's personality traits.

Graphology's ability to match the results of other personality tests is pretty poor, but that doesn't stop some companies from using it to analyze potential employee's handwriting. Handwriting analysts sometimes testify as expert witnesses in court, too!

Here are some fundamental elements of handwriting that graphologists focus on in a person's handwriting samples.

person writing in notebook (image credit: Canva)

Elements of Handwriting Analysis


  • If your writing slants to the right, you're open and sociable, though maybe impulsive.
  • Slanting to the left shows you're fond of working alone or with things instead of people.
  • Writing without any slant at all shows logical, practical tendencies.


  • Heavy pressure shows strong emotion and reactivity.
  • Light pressure shows a "take it easy" attitude.


  • Large print is for people who like the spotlight! Many celebrities have large handwriting!
  • Very tiny print is for those who like to focus and concentrate. They may be shy or introverted.
  • Average size writing shows adaptability and a tendency to get along well.

Size of capital letters

  • Large capital letters in a signature show that you're proud and have confidence!

gold engraved handwriting necklace featuring message from mom

Lowercase t's

  • Crossing your t's incompletely means you may be a procrastinator.
  • Crossing a lowercase t high up can mean you set big goals and have high self-esteem!
  • Crossing your t's low means you might have insecurities.

Lowercase i's

  • Placing the dot directly above the body shows precision and attention to detail. 
  • Placing it haphazardly shows you're in a hurry.
  • Placing it on the left suggests you're cautious.
  • Dotting your i with a circle shows you're childlike, playful, or artistic – and maybe not very professional!

A's and O's

  • Fully closed a's and o's suggest the writer is discreet.

woman signing signature on form (image credit: Canva)

What Your Signature Says About You

  • This is how you represent yourself to others!
  • If it's easy to read, you're open and communicative.
  • If it's illegible, you're private – or maybe arrogant.
  • Big capital letters suggest you're showy and like attention.
  • Signing your signature with a period at the end means you're a leader!

Learn More About Handwriting Analysis

If you're all weirded out about your writing or signature now, take heart! Here's a great guide for creating a perfect signature so it conveys what you want it to. 

We don't take handwriting analysis too seriously, but it was cool to learn a little more about it. If you thought so too, here is where you can learn more about graphology.

If you'd like to take a quick interactive handwriting quiz yourself, we like this fun one that doesn't require you to submit any personal information or email address to get a result.

Gifts Made With Handwriting

Of course, we can't help pointing out again that we love making personalized jewelry and gifts made with engraved handwriting! Learn how to send us a sample of your writing here.

How to send your handwriting sample to Love Georgie

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