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  • Oh, yes she did!

    February 09, 2024 3 min read

    Oh, yes she did!

    There are so many milestones in a woman’s life that are SO worth celebrating. From obtaining an amazing scholarship to completing graduation; From completing nursing or med school to celebrating her as a mother for the first (or fourth) time. From the first BIG gig after college to celebrating a long-awaited and hard-earned retirement. These milestones are truly memorable and having the opportunity to celebrate them with the ones you love makes them all the more special.

    She Believed She Could, So She Did

    So, how do you show this amazing lady in your life that her accomplishments are like no other? What can you possibly give her that TRULY shows that her hard work, dedication and #BossBabe attitude has paid off and she has broken through that glass ceiling and smashed those goals that were once just written as a sticky note on her vision board? You need something unique. Something motivational. Something that will make her heart smile and make her jewelry box jump for joy.

    ‘She believed she could, so she did’ is an empowering quote and we have beautifully engraved it on our ‘She believed she could so she did' bracelet and necklace. It sets a powerful reminder for all that you have accomplished and continues to encourage you to do what it takes to reach your future goals.

    With its timeless design, we have created this exclusive duo that will pair well with daily attire or as a simply elegant accessory for a night out on the town. Either way, a constant reminder of her accomplishments and zest for being a true #GoalDigger!

    She Believed She Could, So She Did – our jewelry collection

    And what’s more exciting than finding and gifting this perfect piece of jewelry that celebrates her accomplishment(s) is the fact that you can completely customize this piece to the person and / or the special event itself. At Love, Georgie, we are on a mission to spread happiness one gift at a time. To us, personalization is about filling a gift with love and meaning. We offer options to add birthstone and initial charms that can offer a special meaning. Other options for personalization include heart, graduation cap, or stethoscope charms to commemorate this special moment in time.

    And let’s not forget that every woman has a personal preference for what type of jewelry tone she wears. Both necklace and bracelet options are available in an ever-popular sterling silver, trendy rose gold, and traditional yellow gold.

    TIP: If you find yourself unsure on what metal option to pick, consider her skin tone: Yellow skin tones tend to be warmer and gravitate towards wearing yellow and rose gold, and pink undertones bode well with cooler tones like sterling silver. Still unsure? Consider comparing the three options against the celebrant’s eye color or hair color to decide which would look best.

    Shop Love, Georgie

    When I graduated with my undergrad degree (after 7 years), I didn’t walk or go to commencement. The fact that I graduated wasn’t overly celebrated mainly because I took so long (hey, I was finding myself!) and I had already been working a full time job. But a few years later, I went on for my MBA and graduated (in 2 years) within the top 5% of my class. It was a big deal and it was celebrated the way any graduation should be - surrounded by family and friends, good food and one heck of a cake. I received some great gifts at my party, but one in particular stood out - a necklace from my parents and it represented everything about what I overcame. The endless hours of studying and writing, the sacrifices made, the lifelong friendships, and the road where having this degree and new-found knowledge would take me. To this day, it is my most cherished and most worn piece of jewelry.

    When you give a gift like our ‘She believed…’ necklace and bracelet, you are ensuring that she will have a piece of jewelry that will hold a special meaning for the remainder of her life. It’s a reminder of how strong she is to have accomplished so much (#GirlPower!) and will continue to empower her for years to come and all future endeavors. These words will be an anchor on her heart, telling her, ‘She can, she did, and she always will…’

    Are you looking for gift options for upcoming winter commencements or holiday presents for that special someone? Consider the ‘She Believed She Could So She Did‘ necklace and bracelet as the perfect gifts. Along with the customizable options mentioned above, Love, Georgie will also provide beautiful gift packaging, leaving the leg work out of this gift-giving scenario.

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