17 Meaningful Wedding Gifts for the Groom from the Bride

June 28, 2023 3 min read

17 Meaningful Wedding Gifts for the Groom from the Bride

Do Brides Give Grooms Gifts?

If you’re a bride and you’re wondering, “do brides give grooms gifts?”, the answer is “yes!” and we have some great groom gift ideas for you! Don’t worry - picking a gift for your groom is easy. And hey, it’s only fair since he’s probably getting one for you too! Read on to learn more about the tradition of wedding couples exchanging gifts and to discover some great personalized groom gift options.

Why Are Bride and Groom Gift Exchanges a Thing?

The happy couple is going to receive gifts from their families and wedding guests - so why have any more gifts?

First, it’s just a sweet way to start the wedding day. The bride and groom wedding gift exchange typically happens on the day before or the day of the wedding. A lot of modern couples are spending some quiet time together on wedding mornings before they see each other dressed in their wedding clothes. This is the perfect time to exchange gifts – and kisses!

And second, your bride and groom gifts are likely to be the most sentimental wedding gifts either of you receives. This is especially true if you choose something personalized that they can wear or use every day!

Favorite Gifts for Bridegrooms

Historically speaking, a watch is one of the most popular wedding gifts for grooms, and the watch usually has an engraved message on the back. As lovely as that tradition may be, modern brides are branching out from there and engraving meaningful messages and quotes on all sorts of men’s accessories. Lucky for them, there are more and more personalized wedding gifts available!

Custom Cufflinks from Love, Georgie

Making Groom Gifts Meaningful

What exactly makes an engraved gift “meaningful”? We think an engraving is most meaningful and sentimental when it shows a connection that only those two people share. It can include the couple’s names or initials, a wedding or other anniversary date, a location, or – our favorite – engraved handwriting.

Imagine giving a sentimental (but not sappy!) gift to your groom on the morning of your wedding. Your fiancé is going to love any of these personalized accessories because they come from the heart.

Have we convinced you yet? Let’s explore some groom gift ideas!

Engraved Handwriting Gifts for Bridegrooms

Groom gifts of handwriting jewelry or handwriting accessory are always going to be a hit. They have a message directly from you, in your actual handwriting. We recommend engraving your special message on any of these classic wedding gifts for grooms:

Groom Gift - Custom Handwriting Cufflinks - Engraved with “You are my person”

And if you’d like to engrave a handwritten message on something even more contemporary or casual, consider these options:

Groom Gift - Handwriting Guitar Pick - Custom Engraved with Actual Handwriting

Latitude Longitude Groom Presents

You can also make an engraving meaningful by commemorating the location of your first meeting, your engagement, or your wedding. Latitude longitude coordinates on jewelry and accessories are increasingly popular.

Groom Gift - Latitude Longitude Coordinates Ring - Stainless Steel

Roman Numeral Accessories for Grooms

Putting your wedding date on a wedding gift for your fiancé is a very traditional choice. You could also commemorate the date of your first kiss, or the date you met!

Whatever date you choose, we can engrave that in a straightforward manner, but special dates just look classier when written in roman numerals, don’t you think?

Groom Gift - Leather Bracelet - Roman Numerals

Best Engraving Quotes for Your Groom Gift

If you get stuck deciding what to engrave on your gift for your future husband, check out our Guide to the Best Engraving Quotes. We have some awesome options that are just right for wedding gifts!

Personalized Money Clip

Make Gift Giving Personal

Love, Georgie specializes in personalized gifts like these. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance on placing any order. We love helping people make gift giving personal. Whether or not you choose one of the gifts we showed you here, we hope your wedding day is magical and uniquely yours!

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