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  • 11 Gifts Made with Kid's Handwriting and Artwork

    February 09, 2024 5 min read

    11 Gifts Made with Kid's Handwriting and Artwork

    Kid's Handwriting and Artwork

    Early childhood is a time of many sweet milestones that come and go so quickly. Examples include laughing, talking, and walking. A child’s first attempt at art and writing is another important developmental milestone.

    As parents and grandparents, we plaster our child’s artwork and writing samples all over our fridges and walls, marveling at the new skills our kid is learning.

    It’s too bad most of these written and illustrated kid masterpieces aren’t made to last, because kids quickly outgrow that adorable “wobbly” phase of writing and drawing. Parents and grandparents preserve paper and ink as best they can, but many of these treasures are lost over time as they fade or get covered up by new layers of artwork.

    What if we told you we could make your kid’s most priceless scribbles into long-lasting keepsakes?

    It’s true! Love, Georgie can, indeed, turn handwriting into gifts!

    These make terrific presents for grandparents and parents on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays.

    Let’s take a look at these awesome engraved gifts that use your kid’s actual handwriting or drawings.

    Handwriting Jewelry

    Who doesn’t love jewelry? We can engrave your child’s artwork or writing on a variety of necklaces, bracelets, or rings. We offer many of these in sterling silver, 14K gold, 14K rose gold, and stainless steel.

    Engraved child’s artwork bracelet in 14K gold

    Bangle bracelets are a favorite choice. Our variety of sizes means you can get a bracelet that fits any woman on your gift list. Imagine Mom’s delight when she sees a custom engraved bracelet featuring her 7-year old son’s first drawing of a family pet.

    Some of our engraved jewelry pieces can be engraved on both sides! We can engrave your child’s artwork or handwriting on the front, and put their name and age on the back, as we’ve shown on this 14K gold plated bangle bracelet.

    Reverse side of engraved child’s artwork bracelet, showing child’s name and age “Max Age 7”.

    A necklace with artwork or handwriting engraved on the pendant is another great choice! We have a variety of pendant sizes and shapes available.

    This example shows a round silver pendant engraved with a great drawing of a girl and her ball. Is it a basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball? Maybe it’s a ball of yarn. Who knows? The mystery is what makes kid art so fun!

    Child’s artwork necklace. Kid’s drawing of girl and a ball engraved on stainless steel pendant on sterling silver filled chain.

    Here’s our first example of a kid’s handwriting turned into an engraving. This girl’s handwritten “Nana XOXO” engraved on a rose gold pendant is going to make Nana happy for sure. Wouldn’t this make a great Mother’s Day present for Nana?

    Rose gold necklace with “Nana XXOO” engraved in child’s handwriting on pendant.

    Let’s not leave out rings! Our wider bands will accommodate very small drawings or kids’ signatures. In this example, two girls – Emily and Grace – have their signatures engraved on our 8mm stainless steel ring. This size looks good on men and women. We’re certain that Emily and Grace’s father loved getting this ring for Father’s Day!

    Two children’s signatures engraved on a stainless steel ring.

    Dads also like our custom engraved dog tag necklace. There is plenty of space on the 1.5 x 2-inch dog tag, so it’s a great choice for engraving kids artwork, multiple children’s signatures, or a longer piece of handwriting.

    “I love you Dad. Maggie” engraved in child’s actual handwriting on a stainless steel dog tag necklace.

    Handwriting Engraved On Accessories

    We can also engrave kids’ handwriting and artwork on a number of useful accessories! Money clips are a popular gift choice for dads, uncles, and grandpas.

    For the money clip shown here, we engraved a kiddo’s handwritten nicknames for their uncle. It doesn’t get any more original than “Pickle Baby’s Favorite Hugger”, amirite?

    Parent nicknames written in child’s handwriting engraved on money clip made of stainless steel.

    Likewise, the family man who wears a lot of suits and dress shirts will be delighted to receive a pair of collar stays engraved with his child’s actual handwriting. Space is limited on these, so we suggest choosing a short message or a child’s signature.

    Custom handwriting collar stays engraved with children’s signatures “Thomas” and “Grace”, in stainless steel.

    Almost anyone in the family will love receiving a custom engraved Christmas ornament featuring kid artwork or handwriting!

    Sarah, Age 7, drew a fantastic Santa Claus that her parents turned into a gift for Grandma.

    Christmas ornament engraved with child’s drawing of Santa, child’s name, child’s age, and year.

    And Max wrote such a nice note to Santa that Mom thought she’d turn it into a family heirloom. (We sure hope Max got the bike!)

    Christmas ornament engraved with a child’s handwritten message to Santa, “Dear Santa, I want a bike for Christmas. Love, Max”

    We want to point out two more nifty ways to immortalize a kid’s handwriting as a gift. The first is with this custom engraved guitar pick. Lila’s Dad ROCKS, and so does her handwriting.

    Child’s actual handwriting engraved on a guitar pick. “You rock Dad!”

    If the gift recipient is a golfer, we know they’ll find this gift useful. It’s a golf ball marker engraved with a short message. Wouldn’t a child’s drawing of a golfer also be fun on this?

    Kid’s actual handwriting engraved on stainless steel golf marker. Message reads “I love you Dad”

    How to Get a Perfectly Sized Engraving of Your Kid's Handwriting and Artwork

    For best results, keep the engraving simple and short. Our pieces vary in size, with the smallest ones able to handle the least amount of text.

    • Items with a large area for engraving: money clips, bottle openers, leather bracelets.
    • Items with a compact area for engraving: rings, necklace pendants, most bangle bracelets.

    The longer the message you ask us to put on a piece, the smaller we’ll have to engrave it. For that reason, short phrases work best!

    You could choose something as simple as a child’s handwritten signature. What nana wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a necklace that had a pendant for each grandchild’s engraved signature?

    How to Capture a Child's Handwriting for Engraving on Gifts

    You may be wondering how you send a handwriting sample or artwork. Never fear, we’ve made this super easy, and you get to keep the original masterpiece!

    All you have to do is snap a crisp, well-lit photo of the masterpiece with your phone! Then when you place your order you can upload it right on the order page. You could also email the handwriting or artwork image to us after placing your order or even fax it to us.

    We’ll be happy to consult if you’re having any technical difficulties! Contact us if you have any questions!

    Other questions people sometimes have about ordering engraved handwriting gifts are answered in our blog post about personalized handwriting jewelry.

    We hope we’ve made you excited about immortalizing Jack or Jill’s scribbles on engraved jewelry or accessories. They’re some of the most personal items we make.

    We carry many more engravable items than are shown here, and most of them can be personalized with handwriting or artwork. Check out Love, Georgie’s entire section of handwriting jewelry and gifts!

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