Our Story

Love, Georgie creates personalized bangle bracelets, necklaces and accessories for those very special, one-of-a-kind moments in life.

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Meet George

Cat Executive Officer
Art by Audrey - age 10

Our greatest delight is helping you give gifts that are filled with meaning and love. From the husband who engraves a bracelet for his wife with their new baby's name on it, to the daughter who receives a bracelet with her deceased Mother’s handwriting, we understand each gift tells a story.

We are a team of five women with different strengths and a shared goal: to work in an environment we love, with people we love, and make gifts for people to give to the people THEY love. We personally help you find the perfect gift, and then we craft each one by hand before sending it off full of hope and inspiration. Our mission is simple and meaningful: to spread happiness, one gift at a time.

Meet Our Founder and CEO, Robyn

It started with a hand-wrapped flower pendant made of garnets that sold on eBay for $40 some ten years ago. In that moment, I realized I wanted to do this forever.

Military moves, two beautiful children and a handful of school psychology jobs later, I took the plunge and set up shop in the spare bedroom of our home. Love, Georgie soon moved to a small commercial space that we quickly outgrew. Today, our team operates out of a 5000 square foot building in Phoenix, AZ. We are proudly and happily a small business with a big heart.