FAQs About Ordering


You can upload writing at the time of order or email us at georgie@lovegeorgie.com after you place your order!  We understand you might not have the writing available at the time you place your order.

No! We can make most files work.  The easiest way is to take a photo of the writing with your phone and upload or email it as is.  No editing needed!

Not really!  We recommend a normal, medium point pen and writing on white, unlined paper.  But we can make most things work!  If you use a thicker writing utensil such as a sharpie, the writing will be thicker.  If you use something thinner like a fine-point pen, the engraving will be thinner.  But we can make most things work.  If we have a problem with what you send, we will contact you before proceeding to make sure you get the best result.

No! You can write normally! We will resize and rearrange the writing to fit best on the item you’ve purchased.

Yes!  We are able to pull the writing from almost anything.  We’ve even engraved writing from a photo of someone’s tattoo before!  If you only want part of the writing from a card, we can easily remove words too.

Yes! Artwork in crayon or markers will work.

Are there any kinds of writing you can't turn into an engraving?

We can engrave almost any writing, whether from just a photo from your phone or from a logo file from a graphic designer. 

While we prefer new writing to be on white, unlined paper in a ball point pen, we understand that it’s not always the writing sample you have. 

We are able to pull the signature from an old driver's license, a card from your grandmother from 20 years ago, or the school artwork from your child. 

After you place your order, send us the photo and we will reach out if we have any issues!


Most of the jewelry listings have options for charms.  If you don't see what you want on that particular item, you can use this add a charm listing here if it's just charms.  If you would like a completely custom piece, then you can use our design your own section.

For our rigid bangle bracelets, please use our Bracelet Size Chart.

We also carry many adjustable bracelet styles that will fit most wrists.

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