11 Classy and Thoughtful Retirement Gift Ideas (for Women)

11 Classy and Thoughtful Retirement Gift Ideas (for Women)

1. A Statement Necklace

When it comes to telling a woman you love that you care about her, a beautiful piece of jewelry can go a long way. That's where a nice statement necklace comes in. Necklaces come in so many varieties it would be nearly impossible to go wrong with one. You could pick one with sentimental meaning or you could design one with the names and birthstones of her grandkids. Another great way to show her how much you care is with a necklace that says it all for you.

2. A Museum Membership

The stereotype of retired people not doing anything is tired and needs to go. You can help do your part by giving your someone special a membership to a local museum. This will give her something to do during the day and it provides something that you can even do together.

3. Beautiful Bangles

Just like with necklaces, there's no way to go wrong with a well thought out bangle bracelet. A gorgeous piece with her birthstone attached is an excellent way to personalize a gift for her. If that doesn't suit her, why not have it engraved with a personal, handwritten message?

4. Hotel Gift Cards

Retirement should be a time of travel and vacation. The woman in your life has worked hard her whole life to be able to do fun things out of the house. Help her out a little with gift cards to all of her favorite resorts and hotels.

5. A Ring

Rings are a timeless, classic piece of jewelry. You can use them to commemorate this special time in her life. You can make any statement you want with a ring. A nice piece with her favorite animal or a beautiful design can go a long way towards showing her how much you care about her accomplishments.

6. Cute Mugs

Cute mugs are a great gift idea for any occasion, but they're especially great for a retiree. You can send any message you want! Whether you want to be funny or sweet, there are endless opportunities to celebrate a retirement with a coffee mug. It's a simple gift, but it does the trick!

7. Memory Jar

This is the sort of gift you have to think about before her retirement. Gather up her coworkers in secret and have them write down good memories of her time there. Put them all in a jar and present it to her as a gift at her retirement party! These will be great little gifts to keep opening throughout the entire year when she needs a pick-me-up!

8. Custom Keychains

Custom keychains might not be on the top of your list when it comes to giving a good gift, but there are plenty of ways to make this a one-of-a-kind gift that she'll never forget. You can have your own handwriting engraved onto a keychain to give to her to keep with her always. Or you can pick from a variety of inspirational messages that show the pride you have in her. Whatever you choose, a great custom keychain is a way to make sure that she can keep her gift with her at all times, no matter the occasion.

9. Custom Garden Markers

Garden markers are a unique gift idea that not everyone thinks to get. If the woman in your life loves to garden, or even if she just keeps a small indoor plant selection, consider these adorable markers. They make a great addition to any pot and they look striking while also giving the information of what she's growing in that pot. They're functional, beautiful gifts that she's sure to use every day!

10. Purse Charms

Just like with keychains, purse charms might not be the first thing you consider when you want to buy someone a gift. However, there are thousands of ways to customize a purse charm for everyone. You could let her know that she's the world's best nana or engrave a sweet, handwritten message for her to keep with her always. You could also choose from a variety of other sweet statements to remind her that she climbed the hill of employment and now it's time to enjoy her time at the top.

We hope you found the right gift for you in this list of retirement gifts for women. It can be difficult to know what the perfect gift for retirement is, and when you really care about someone you want to make sure that you select something classy and timeless so she will get some use out of your gift. That's why we think jewelry makes the best gift for any occasion. If you're looking for the right retirement gift for a woman you love, browse our selection of jewelry today!

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