Custom Gifts for Men

Custom Gifts for Men

"I've ordered all personalized gifts from you for Christmas gifts this year for the women in my family.  What do you have for custom gifts for men?"  We previously got this question a lot!  

This past year we've been expanding our product line to include custom personalized gifts for all the men in your life.  We added personalized golf ball markers, bottle openers, money clips and dog tag necklaces.  All stainless steel and super durable.  Now your Father's Day gifts are much easier to find!

We can do any personalized message of your choosing, as long as it fits.  Any of the items shown below, or on the website can have custom wording.  There is a personalized details text box on each where you can just let us know the changes.  

If you have any questions about how to order, just ask!  We are real people answering your questions and if we have any question about your order, we will contact you first to make sure we get it right.

Some of the crowd favorites are the latitude longitude pieces and the custom handwriting.  We started doing custom laser engraving this year and added handwriting jewelry to our collection!  We can now do this on the custom men items too.  So you can write a short note to that special man in your life and have it engraved in your handwriting on the piece you choose.  Or the signature from an old note from Grandma.  

We want you to be the best gift giver at every event!  And with the handwriting items, you definitely will be.  :)